How to Request A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) 

The Easy Way

If you are Active Duty send us your most current Leave & Earnings Statement (LES).

If you are Reserve/Guard or a Veteran send us your DD-214.

We will get your Certificate of Eligibility for you!

Send By Email

send By Mail

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The Hard Way

First things first, you'll need to complete VA Form 26-1880 (click to download).

If you are currently Active Duty:

You'll need a current statement of service (click to download example) signed by the adjutant, personnel office, or commander of the unit or higher headquarters including the following information:

  • Your full name

  • Social Security Number

  • Date of birth

  • Entry date on active duty

  • The duration of any lost time

  • The name of the command providing the information

If you are a veteran, reserve, our guard member:

You'll need a copy of your DD 214. With that, it is required to have a copy showing the character of service (item 24) and the narrative reason for separation (item 28).

Need a DD214? You can request a replacement here.

Apply Online

eBenefits allows you to apply for your COE online

Apply By Mail

To apply by mail, fill out VA Form 26-1880 and mail it, along with your DD-214, to the contact on page 3 of the document.

For Washington Residents, that contact is:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Denver Regional Loan Center
Box 25126
Denver, CO 80225

Under A Different Circumstance?

You can check out to learn what documents pertain to your exact situation.
You can also call