Meet Team Bruce Mortgage


Mkristo Bruce


Mkristo "MK" Bruce is a true competitor. He has played in the NFL, secured his spot in Guild's President Club, and has won dad of the year 12 years in a row. No joke. He's a world champion family man.

MK knows how to get things done with speed and accuracy. You won't regret having him as your home mortgage coach.


Theresa Taylor

Running Back

Fast, powerful, and always in contact with clients - Theresa is the one who rushes your file bit by bit towards the endzone.

She knows how to put her head down, work hard and have fun while doing it. She's a world class winner.


Stephen Jones

Offensive Coordinator

Viewing the game from the booth, Stephen strategizes and implements the customer experience. Our clients matter, so we think about every aspect of their time working with Team Bruce.

You won't see much of him, but he's thinking about you - because you matter.